6th and 7th Grade

Application and Concepts Course 1, Course 2 and Course 3 textbooks are used with the sixth and seventh graders depending on their level of math. This is a three-course middle school series intended to bridge the gap from elementary mathematics to Algebra 1. The program is designed to motivate the students, enable them to see the usefulness of mathematics in the world around them, enhance their fluency in the language of mathematics, and prepare them for success in algebra and geometry. (Glencoe) Glencoe is very thorough and provides the following additional resources:

  1. Hands-On Labs and Mini Labs
  2. Cooperative Learning Activities
  3. Math Games
  4. Family Activities
  5. School to Career Activities
  6. Problem Solving Activities
  7. Chapter Projects
  8. Technology (i.e. graphing calculators, technology labs, mindjogger videoquizzes,

8th Grade

Students at LCA have to show proficiency each year before they will be advanced to the next level of math. 8th Grade – Glencoe Algebra I is used for our eighth grade students. Students in eighth grade either take Algebra I and then are scheduled to take Geometry in ninth grade or they take Algebra I in Two Years (cover half the material in 8th grade and half in 9th grade). This textbook strengthens student understanding and provides the tools students need to succeed. This textbook features the following items:

  1. Foldables – Help students prepare with tests with study organizers
  2. What You’ll Learn and Why It’s Important Sections – provides students with the “big picture” of learning algebra.
  3. Study Guide and Review – This is provided at the beginning and end of each chapter and exercise set to help solidified the concepts.
  4. Reading and Writing in Mathematics – This helps the students understand and use the language of mathematics.
  5. Prepares them for Standardized Tests – It familiarizes the students with the types of questions and formats they will see on local, state and national tests.