6th Grade Science – General Science by Bob Jones Press

The 6th grade text explores science as a limited means of seeing God’s design in nature. Topics of study include the earth, cells and organisms, matter and energy, astronomy, heredity, and the nervous and immune system.

7th Grade Science – Life Science by Bob Jones Press

The focus of seventh grade science is the study of God’s living creation. The five living kingdoms-Monera, Protista, Fungi, Plant and Animal-are included, as well as units on the Human Body and Creation. The course begins with an introduction to the scientific method and related practices in the recording of information. The first unit covers basic cellular structure and processes. Cellular study is continued in an in depth look at the plant kingdom. Photosynthesis and plant reproduction are emphasized. A brief unit on creation and evolution contrasts the false theories of evolution with the biblical support for creation. Information about the small kingdoms of monera, protista, and fungi forms another unit. The animal kingdom study is separated into a consideration of vertebrates and invertebrates. A unit on the systems of the human body concludes the course. An optional study of human reproduction is included in the teacher’s text. This seventh grade course provides a comprehensive study of living organisms and their direct creation by God

8th Grade Science – The Physical World by Bob Jones Press

God is presented as God of the Universe in this engaging science course. The text helps students to see God’s design even in the smallest properties of matter and chemistry. Elementary physics, energy, mechanics, wave theory and optics are all covered. Physical sciences and the scientific method are introduced as well. The text includes introductory chemistry, introductory physics, and the metric system in preparation for upper-level laboratory courses.