A Time To Come Together

“See you at the pole” is an annual meeting dedicated for public prayer. Students gather at the flagpole, usually at 9:00 am local time. Starting in the year 2006, this observance will be held on the fourth Wednesday in September.

See You at the Pole™ is a great place to connect with God, connect with other believers, and reconnect with your school in the name of Christ.

See You at the Pole™ is all about prayer. It’s about you coming together and laying aside all the labels and groups for one day, to simply connect with God in prayer and connect with fellow Christians in unity around the flag pole – whether jocks, preps, geeks, Methodists, Baptists, Catholics, sophomores, or seniors.

History of the event

In 1990, a group of teenagers in Burleson, TX assembled for a discipleship retreat. That night they decided to go to three schools and pray around the campus’ flagpoles for their friends and fellow students. Later in 1990, at a rally of teenagers in Dallas TX, over 20,000 attendees were challenged to organize prayer sessions at their schools, following the Burleson example. Some 45,000 students at 1,200 schools in 4 states did just that on September 12th of that same year at 07:00 hours. The movement went national one year later.

In 1998, over 3 million students in all 50 U.S. states and in over 20 other countries met at their school flagpole for prayer. Groups range in size from one brave soul, to several hundred students. About 75% of the public schools had a prayer service. Year after year there is a new them that goes with the prayer session.

These national events are monitored by the National Network of Youth Ministries. However, each prayer meeting is sponsored, organized and led by local students at each participating school. Sometimes, they meet for individual silent prayer; at other schools they sing and are led in audible prayer by one of their fellow students.